The following resources helped shape how I think about the pedagogy of a technology integrated mathematics classroom. Much of this is still apropos for classrooms without any technology provided. There are strategies that you can employ that will take the devices that you and your learners already have and turn them into educational tools. Remember, technology won’t make things better in your classroom; Innovative pedagogy will use technology to create more engaging learning environments.

Dan Meyer

Dan Meyer has been a huge influence on the way I think about the presentation of mathematics. His blog is probably one of the most comprehensive displays of the mind of a math teacher growing throughout his career. I highly recommend spending some time there.

Three Act Narrative

Act One
Introduce the central conflict of your story/task clearly, visually, viscerally, using as few words as possible.

Act Two
The protagonist/student overcomes obstacles, looks for resources, and develops new tools.

Act Three
Resolve the conflict and set up a sequel/extension.

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Answer the following prompt in the comments below. What are the implications of the above image on the mathematics classroom?

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