These are the apps used in the workshop. Not all of them are free but they are worth the money given that they can turn your device into a very effective tool for instruction and management.

VGA Adapter

This device is a must have if you are going to use your ipad in the classroom. It allows you to connect your ipad to a projector through a VGA interface.

2-Port KVM Switch

This device allows you to connect your laptop and ipad to a projector and dynamically switch between them with a button. As a bonus, a KVM switch allows you to use one mouse, one keyboard, one set of speakers, and one monitor/projector for two computers.


This is a must have for math educators using the Ipad. You can use this to create math tutorials.


This app turns your ipad into an interactive document camera. With it, you can display learner work and overlay digital ink.


Remote control your laptop as you move throughout the room. You are no longer tethered to the front of the classroom!

Explain Everything

Let’s face it. We teach the youtube generation. They are used to learning new things from watching videos. Use this app to create tutorials for learners.

Class Dojo

This site allows me to track behavior and email reports to learners and their parents.

TCEA-Recommended iPad Apps


This is a universal learner response system that allows you to assign quizzes and receive near instant feedback. It’s perfect for formative assessment.

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